Chinese Yixing Teapots Fetch £10,000

Posted On: 09 Dec 2023 by Felix Turner

A Collection of Chinese Yixing clay tea pots sold at Wimbledon Auctions on Monday 4th December for over £10,000.

Chinese Yixing Teapots Fetch £10,000

On the 4th December, Wimbledon Auctions hosted the Christmas Auction of Art, Antiques and Jewellery. Consigned to this auction was the house contents from a local Wimbledon Village estate. Amongst the furniture, pictures and general items was a collection of Chinese teapots. The teapots, often referred to as 'Yixing teapots' are made from clay found in the region near the city of Yixing, in Jiangsu Province, China. This clay was thought to be first used in the production of tea pots in China during the Song Dynasty (920-1279), and has been used ever since up until the present day. This continuous use makes Yixing tea pots notoriously difficult to date, and this consignment of tea pots were entered with auction estimates of £40-60, £40-60 and £50-80 respectively. 

Prior to the sale, we received numerous condition reports and requests for further photos and telephone lines were booked for the sale. Competition from telephone lines and internet bidders let to Lot 153 fetching £1,700, Lot 154 fetching £4,200 and Lot 156 fetching £4,000

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